Flower Power!

When I was young, I used to think that only older people or children wore flowered patterns on everything!  Well how wrong was that?  This Spring’s fashions are alive with flowers everywhere, from the smallest minuscule flowered patterns to the large splashes of flowers adorning clothes everywhere.

There are some amazing choices if flowered patterns are your thing.  You can find anything in every store you visit or through online shopping.  And if flowered fabric is not your thing, you can infuse the flowers in through accessories like scarves, jewelry, hats or even sandals or shoes.

Actually the first record of floral patterns being used for fashion was by the ancient Egyptians.  The design was for royalty and people of importance.  It has been consistently infused in fashion throughout the ages, through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and even up to the current times with the bold declaration of “Flower Power in the 60’s and a resurgence in the 80″s.  Even today, it remains a consistent part of contemporary fashion.  For a detailed history of the floral pattern, check out this article, “The Brief History of Floral Pattern.  https://www.fashionologiahistoriana.com/costume-history-legends-essays-in-english/the-brief-history-of-floral-pattern

This past Mother’s Day, I thought it would be a great idea to adorn myself in floral which was further enhanced by the beautiful flowers I received from my granddaughter, son and daughter-in-law.  I have to say I felt so special.    I chose this floral modified drape neck top which was comfortable and great for a brunch outing and most importantly meets my criteria in keeping it under $25.  So hopefully you will add some floral to your wardrobe and have some fun doing so!


  1. Oh the pictures are just adorable. Little one looks like she has had enough on the last picture. Love the draped neckline. Great suggestions as usual!


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