Orange You Glad You Love Color?

There are a lot of bold colors to choose from this Spring beyond traditional pastels.  One of the dominant colors popping up everyone is Orange, Tangerine, Pumpkin, Tiger, Tamarind, Mango or Carrot, to name a few descriptors.  And while orange is bold, it is also a great enhancer for any wardrobe.  Color will make your outfits pop in amazing ways and will make you stand out in a crowd.  It is bold and inviting to say the least.  And just about anyone can wear it if they choose.

I found this fabulous square neck jumpsuit at Old Navy recently.  It was on sale for $23, but for one day had a special price of $12.  Who could not pass up that bargain?  I chose to add a belt for an accent.  Next time I might wear it with a short jacket.  Who knows?  But as with any jumpsuit, the accessories are endless, from scarves to jewelry to a jacket or shawl.

If a bold orange outfit is too much for your comfort level, bring orange into a more subtle pallet with orange accessories instead, like an orange scarf, orange jewelry, or an orange jacket.  The choice is yours and it is totally dependent on your comfort level.  Not everyone dares to go bold.


As for me, bring it on!  Embrace the boldness!  Embrace the color!


    • Thanks Chele! The waist is just stitched like you would sew the top to a bottom. There are no gathers or anything like that, so you could easily wear it without the belt. Go the the OldNavy website and you can see it. Look under the square neck jumpsuit.


  1. I’m heading to Old Navy…this color is great on would be cute with a cardigan too!
    Another great presentation…thank you!


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