It’s Spring and Time For A Trim!

Getting started!

Spring will officially be here in a few days and it is time to start changing out the wardrobe and getting ready for warmer weather!  Yes!  With that change comes thoughts of changing the physical you and one of the best ways to get started is with a haircut.

In keeping with my $25 and under goal with fashion, I also look for ways to keep it cost savings with hair cuts and styles.  My favorite go to place is Great Clips which is conveniently within walking distance of me. And even better yet, you can always count on a good cut at a cost saving price.  Normal cuts run about $10 for Seniors.  You just have to check your location for Senior Days.  But I was lucky enough to come across a coupon for a $7.99 haircut.  Imagine my delight!





My only instructions to the stylist are to cut around the ears, above the brow, close in the back and a square edge in the back.  Sometimes I never know how I am going to end up.  One of the down sides is I do not have a regular stylist I go to.  But the way I look at it is, if I am not totally happy, it will grow out quickly and we can do it again in about 8 weeks.  In this case, I feel she did a great job and I am well satisfied. 




Now I know going cheap is not what some people are willing to do, especially when it comes to their hair.  In fact, to many it is worth the cost going to someone they trust and know.  But there are times in life, one has to throw caution to the wind and maybe, just maybe, surprise themselves by taking a chance.

All Done!
And pretty pleased!


  1. While in Atlanta I went to a stylist who had reviews by content curly haired patrons. As the stylist played with my hair she kept saying that she didn’t know how to take off the weight. My confidence in her diminished the longer I sat there. She barely cut anything off and I still got the big bill. I would have been more satisfied going to Great Clips!


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