Taking Care of Self…

For the last several months, my blog focus has been on thrifty fashion deals for Seniors on a budget.  I have enjoyed some the finds I have purchased and have been excited to share them.  And I will continue to do so as I move forward.  But this week I want to pause in profiling a specific clothing item and just take a bit of time to share another important thing we can do for ourselves as Seniors.  And that is taking care of ourselves.

For most of us, right now is pretty much the best that we will be.  So why not focus on taking care of ourselves, pampering ourselves and just being good to ourselves? 

One thing I have started to be more intentional this year is in taking care of my whole self.  I have a FitBit that I absolutely love!  It reminds me to get up and get moving throughout the day.  I wear it almost all the time and really focus on beating my goals from the week before.

I am trying to eat better and include a “Meatless Monday” in my weekly eating goals.

And last, I am being more intentional in my skin care regime. For years I pretty much just washed with a facial cleanser, dabbed on a bit of moisturizer during the day and tried not to fall asleep before repeating it again at night.  But I have discovered a wonderful skin care line offered through Beauty Counterhttps://www.beautycounter.com/sandramarshall that focuses on specific rejuvenating products that really work to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.  I am not happy with the speed of the aging process I am going through.  While I know it is impossible to turn back the clock and I am not sure I would even want to do that, I do want to be more intentional in taking care of myself.

While I have been very satisfied with the Beauty Counter products, I encourage you to find your routine with whatever product you feel works best for you.  Routine and consistency is key in anything you choose. 

I like to think as we are getting older, we do not have to give in and give up.  And by the way…. Yes, the photos in this post are with me in makeup.  I am not that bold to do a photoshoot without it.  LOL!  


  1. Great post for us seniors! I love my Fitbit, too. Especially when it says “Let’s go for a stroll!” I have set a daily goal of 5000 steps. I am going to try and make it every day this week. Wish me luck!
    I generally use Mary Kay products. I have always been pretty religious about my skin care routine. It pays off! Keep up the good work!


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