Red Lips Forever!

It has been said that once a lady reaches her 50’s red lipstick is a no-no.  It is too harsh and ages your face.  Well to that I say, “baloney”!  I have loved having red lips forever.  And most likely, I will continue to use shades of red for many more years to come.  

What I have begun to do is,  to use variants of reds on the “red color spectrum”.  A range of colors from warm reddish Burgundy  to cooler reddish Corals are some of  my favorite choices.  For me, nude colors or tints do not represent a look that I embrace. 

Mentally, I feel my best when I have color on my lips, even if I have no where to go.  I do not necessarily coordinate my color with my outfits.  That is way too much for me.  I just keep it simple and stick with whatever choice I feel like for that particular day

I also tend to stay on the cheaper end when purchasing my lipstick.  Those people who know me best, know that my all time favorite brand is “Wet N’ Wild”.  Seriously when I say cheap, I mean cheap.  It has been my go to brand for years and you can find it at Walgreens and Target.  For many years it was ninety-nine cents, with some colors going as high as $1.99.  On occasion, I will use Avon and Maybelline lipstick if the price stays around $6-$7. 

To me, make-up is not a big deal or anything I spend a lot of time focusing on.  As I am edging closer to 67 years old, I refuse to be defined by fashion protocol on what is age appropriate or what I should or should not be doing or wearing.  I stick with the rationale that,  if it feels right, do it.

And my red lips are here to stay!    


  1. I love red lips and have never heard the comment about over 50 do not use. This 61 year old still wears color and that includes red. I have always had a challenge matching reds–clothes with lipstick. I believe I am going to start using your philosophy about that!!!! Thanks girl! You always know how to make me smile!!!!


  2. Blowing you Raspberry 😘 Kisses! Raspberry is one of my fav reds. It can be blotted for subtle colour or glossed to pouty goodness.

    Who ever came up with these Fashion “Thou Shalt Not”s for ancient ladies over 25 😉 anyway, TeeHee? In Agreement: Red Lips Forever!


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