These Boots Are Made For Walking…

I love Fall and I love the layers and bundling of clothes that go with it.  So now that we are in late Fall here in the South and for some of you in other parts of the country, early Winter, out comes my favorite accessory and that is my knee high boots.

I absolutely love wearing boots and the taller they are, the better.  Boots are so much fun and not only do they protect your feet but they are stylish while doing so.  Me, I prefer no heels, now that I have gotten older.  But every now and then I will break down and wear a small heel, but for me, the most important thing is, my boots must be made for walking.  And as most of you who read my blog knows is that I will always choose comfort over style.

While boots for women have been around since the early 19th century, popularity exploded after 1960.  And it has only gotten stronger with fashion style becoming more creative.    For a more detailed history of boots, here is an excellent article, entitled “History of Boots”.

Since it is early in the season, there is an abundance of colors and styles to choose from.  And prices range from very reasonable to quite pricey, making it easy to fit in your budget, whatever the range.  

So how about you?  Are your boots made for walking?  



  1. This year our Jazzercise class adopted 3 families for Christmas. Lo and behold there was a 24 yr old Mom who wanted shoes in a size 5 no less. In my closet were shoes and boots in particular worn maybe once if that which needed a new home because the fit was just not right for me. Some still had tags as the person who gave them to me ordered them online and they were too small for her. Hopefully these boots will be walking because that’s what they were meant to do. Finding boots to fit is not always easy task.


  2. Just thinking about a new pr. of comfy boots! Yours look fabulous. Also love to see the sun shining in Atlanta. It’s so gray and bleak here🙁
    We’ve all gotta “Keep on walking”..especially in cute boots!
    My fav. pic is the second to the last…just beautiful!
    Your move to Georgia agrees with you!


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