Wrap Yourself With A Sweater Coat

Last week I applauded the virtues of having a Cowl Neck sweater in your collection of sweaters. This week I want to share my second favorite type of sweater, which is the Sweater Coat.  Right when you don’t think you can clothe your body better, go out and and grab a sweater coat to protect against the elements.  And if you are not one to head to the mall, these fun Fall warmers can be found very easily through online shopping.

While its fore-runner, the cardigan sweater goes back to 1914, later an adaptation of it evolved into the simple sweater coat, which has become a good choice for Fall outerwear. For years, fishermen wore wool cable knit cardigan sweaters to keep warm. Women adapted the look, and began wearing the sweater low on the hips as a coat.  Many adaptations of the bulky, cable type sweater soon became popular.

Sweater coats are great for all ages and available in many pattern choices. Today you can find the Sweater Coat in many styles, whether it is buttoned, zipped or just hanging loose.

It is also popular with many age groups, easy to accessorize or layer with other clothing.  It can be dressed up or dressed down.  I found it fun to add an infinity scarf, a pair of jeans  and ankle boots for a casual and comfortable look.  I often add a pair of knee high boots to change up the look.  And it is very easy to add a sweater under a sweater coat for added warmth.

While most sweater coats stop at the hip line, some easily go to the knee or even as a midi, like a duster,  or maxi version.

This type of sweater is also very easy on the budget and I have found several in my $25 and under range, with no problem, and for me, that remains the number one priority in adding to my wardrobe.  So I encourage you to keep your eyes open for one that matches your style.  It certainly won’t be hard to find!




  1. Wish I could buy my Christmas tree in a sweater! It was 21 degrees the other day!!
    I do love sweater coats…very versatile and comfy! Thanks for another wonderful, inspiring suggestion!
    Great pictures…great choice of sweaters…will pull one out of the closet tomorrow…for “inside” wearing!😊


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