A Moto is a Go-Go!

I have had a variation of this jacket in my closet for years, but have always called it a “biker jacket”, while some call it a “motorcycle jacket”.  It seems  for the past few years it has been referred to as a “Moto jacket” and I have been misnaming it.  Oh well!  What is in a name?  The point here is this jacket has been a staple in most ladies’ wardrobes for years.  

It has been sold in the finest leather and the coolest pleather.  You can pay a lot or, if you are like me and like to keep things $25 and under, you can find some really cool ones out there in that price range, if not a wee bit above.  NY&Co had them for $19 at one point in this fall season, but is now averaging around $29-$39.  I have always loved my biker jacket.  It can be worn with so many different looks.  Today I threw a scarf on over a white blouse and just added a pair of my comfortable jeans.  You can also combine the look with skirts or dresses.  

This fall season is offering up a vast array of jacket colors to choose from, from vibrant colors to muted in pastels and traditional blacks and browns.

The moto jacket  looks great on any age!  Seriously!  At 66, I am enjoying rocking it and we even have one for my one year old granddaughter.

Because they have been around a while now, I can probably safely say that trend will continue.  As for me, I go with what I like, whether or not the trend is supporting it.  I like what I like and what feels good.  And for me this is definitely one of my favorite looks!


  1. Another great bit of info…you look maaarvelous dahling!!!
    Next step…roll it all into a book..with a “catchy” title…encompassing everything you do to welcome this fabulous “seniorhood” into your life!
    NO MORE jersey dresses with self belts, brooches, energizer shoes, spoolie “blue-haired perms” thick stockings. We are the generation to “rock” old age!!!! No one puts Pam in a corner!!!
    YOU GO GIRL!!!


    • LOL! Kathy, you are indeed the best boost for my ego! And I love it!!!! You have definitely given me food for thought and who knows, it might just happen at some point. I am having so much fun picking out things each week to highlight and just love that you are finding it interesting enough to follow! Thank you my friend!


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