Still Rocking Your Trench Coat?

One clothing piece that I believe everyone has or has had in their closet is the classic trench coat.  It first popped up about 100 years ago during WWI and was worn by military officers.  A resurgence of it’s popularity occurred in Hollywood during the 1940’s with women being filmed in stylish trench coats on movie screens throughout the country.  

Trench coats have remained a consistent piece of people’s wardrobes and are being enhanced with many choices of colors and patterns which is a deviation from the original khaki color offerings.  And I might say it is a welcomed deviation of that look.

Today’s styles offer not only a wide array of color choices but varied lengths too.  Red is one of my favorite colors so when I saw this short one at Target about 10  years ago, I could not help but to grab it and add it to my collection of khaki, navy and black ones that I have had for years.  Trench coats vary in price range so you  can get them well within your budget range easily.

Trench coats are great for any age and remains timeless as a fashion statement.  You can adapt them from business to casual very easily and even find some with linings for those extra cold months.  Do you have a trench coat in your wardrobe?  If so, I guarantee it will still be stylish years from now!


  1. Great pictures, Pam! Love look terrific in red!
    Do you remember Chesterfield Coats? Loved them too! Thanks for your posts…will pull out my trench coat…probably will need a heavier coat VERY SOON IN WISCONSIN!!!


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