Drawing A Clean Line With A Pencil Skirt!


One staple that every wardrobe should include is the traditional pencil skirt.  It is one of the hot looks for Fall and Winter and it offers you a lean line and silhouette which compliments you for both work and fun.

The pencil skirt is having a resurgence again after having been around starting in the 50’s and returning to popularity in the 70’s.  I fully enjoyed them as a 20 something in the 70’s and now in 2018, am very tickled to still be able to wear them again in my mid 60’s.  

For more of a history and background of the pencil skirt, click on this link to the article, “The Maker’s Atelier”https://themakersatelier.com/journal/brief-history-pencil-skirt.

Pencil skirts can be chosen to fit specific body types.  To find suggestions for your type, check out “How to Find the Pencil Skirt for Your Body Type” https://www.purewow.com/fashion/how-to-wear-a-pencil-skirt-for-your-body-type.  

Personally, I love the skirts that are midi length to accent my height.  Pencil skirts also easily fall within my $25 and under budget, if you search for them.  And that is part of the fun!

They are wonderful for that professional look for work and can be just right for fun outings or entertainment.  Combining a tweed or wool one  worn with a light sweater, oversized sweater, blouse or jacket for a professional look makes the mark every time.   Or wearing a cotton blend or denim with a T-shirt or camisole for a more casual look can be striking.  They look great with heels or with ankle or tall boots.  Bottom line is personalizing a pencil skirt to fit who you are is easy and fun.  And can be fun for any age.

I love this tweed blend I am wearing but am now putting my sights on a denim one to add to my collection.  How about you?  If you haven’t gotten one, go out, try one on and surprise yourself.  Too often we get in the habit of saying what doesn’t fit our style until we try it and find out we love it!  Better yet, take someone with you to help you decide!  Just don’t say no, until you have tried one on!


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