It is All About the Comfort!

img_4201 One of my favorite pieces of clothing is the ever comfortable, ever flowing caftan.  When I am at home I love relaxing in them.  They can be worn for so many occasions and so many reasons.  You really cannot beat them for lounging.  And if company should drop by unexpectedly, you are always presentable and looking quite ready.  They are made in “one size fits all” which is a guarantee of a good fit for mostly everyone.

img_4264 I know some will even wear them for entertaining and socializing events, which work very well.  Caftans are wonderful for any age group, from young to old.  They can be bought as a maxi length or mid calf, whichever is your preference.  They can be simple or quite elaborate.  

img_4232  Another great decision for investing in a caftan is the affordability.  In my endeavor to add new pieces to my wardrobe and keeping under my $25 limit, I find that there is an abundance of selections of these favorites for a range of prices.  In this case, I found this great one for $10, which makes it perfect.  I believe my collection is up to 8 now and I love it!  I especially love the ones which have an ethnic look.  When I travel, I alway pop one into my suitcase because one never knows do they?  The occasion might call for comfort with style.


  1. I love the caftan…first picture is spectacular!!
    We wore them in college…I believe 1968. My friend made one out of red bath towels! 2 sewed together across (horizontally) cut hole for neck, 2 towels sewn at the seams, vertically. Stitch the top horizontal pieces to the bottom vertical pieces. The towels were a fluffy cozy terry cloth. She added a gold ribbon across the front seam. Any complimentary ribbon would work! It was darling! Another inexpensive, simple idea (from a non-sewer!)


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