Head Wraps for Style

One of the things I really do not particularly care for is having to cook every day, which gets laborious and more of a chore, unless I am entertaining and the second is doing my hair.  Maybe that is why I keep it short…. for convenience.  But the thing about short hair is sometimes it takes longer than having longer hair, to make it presentable.

So as an alternative, on occasion,  I love to wear head wraps to add to the variety of style.  The great thing about head wraps is the material or scarf can be very inexpensive and there is so much variety in choosing how to wear them.

I have included 3 different styles I tend to use more frequently.  If you want to be creative with your own, do so, or if you are at a loss on how to wrap, believe me, you can find any type of video on Youtube.  Head wraps are so easy to dress up or to dress down.  You can top the look off with a favorite pair of jeans or add to a dress to glam it up.

You never get too old to make fashion comfortable and infuse it with variety.  And head wraps are for any age!



  1. I think this look is fabulous on you! Do you think it’s more of an African-American style? Not sure It would be the “fashion look” it is for you..on me???
    I think it’s a “Slam dunk” on you!!!


    • Thanks Kathy! You have to find your comfort level with scarves. For the most part, it is a style among Black women, but I have seen more and more white women wearing scarves in other ways, especially with the “headband” look. That is why I say check out Youtube or even Pinterest.


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