The Goodwill Can Be the Answer!

As a child, I absolutely hated shopping at the Goodwill and the Salvation Army.  It seemed to be our Saturday morning ritual, because that is when we would all pile in the car and go!  My biggest fear was wearing something previously owned by a classmate and being called out on it.  I carried all of the shame of not being able to afford new things and having very few options.  What I failed to understand is that my parents were doing the best they could for their five children.  They met all of our basic needs: food, clothing, shelter and most importantly love.  I came to know we were rich beyond measure and I now treasure those memories of how they provided everything we needed.

Fast forward to my adult years.   As a single mom, taking care of two sons, I got it.  My parents continued to take them to “their stores” and my boys loved it!  I had an evolution of change as I revisited  these stores of hidden gems.  And I have found some incredible buys which I found as exciting as hitting a jackpot.

Case in point, this outfit in this photo, from head to toe,  cost $15.  Yes!  Goodwill has sale days where certain tagged items are color coded and you get an additional discount, or if you are a Senior citizen, certain days you get an extra discount.

My hat was $2, the top was $3, the bag was $5 and the shoes were $5.  I have to say not bad at all!  Finding treasures at thrift stores has become quite a passion for me and a challenge to keep it economical.  While I seldom will find an entire outfit like this, a piece here or a piece there certainly adds to your look and can be quite a treasure when you find one.

It may not be your thing and that is o.k.  But consider ways that you can knock those costs down and pump that look up.  Do something fun and grab and friend and go!  And don’t forget your donation might be someone else’s new look!


  1. Goodwill was never a favorite for me grown up either, but I did enjoy the toy section. Great post and wonderful deals!!! I can’t wait to get my Goodwill shopping on!!!


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