Sunday best…On a Dime!

As I continue to have fun with adding new pieces to my existing wardrobe, one of my favorite pieces is fast becoming hats.  There are so many wonderful ways to change up your look by just adding a hat here or a hat there.

Recently, I did get sticker shock when I went online to order a hat for an upcoming  event.  I had no idea the cost of some hats, especially when you want to dress up an outfit.  Well, I was not ready to shell out over $100 just to add to my look.  So I did the next best thing.  I improvised!

I found a wonderful summer straw hat for under $10 and went to the local fabric store to buy ribbon and faux flowers.  Using my hot glue gun I whipped up this look in just a short time.  And I don’t think it turned out too bad in the long run.

The flowers were around $8, bringing the total to well under $20 which more like it for me and in line with changing up my look for $25 and under goal.

Now if you are not creative or just don’t really know where to start, enlist the help of a crafty friend who can give you suggestions or ideas to get you going.  Or go online to see what others are doing.  

Have fun with it and dare to stand out.  At 5’10” I am going to be noticed, so I might as well be intentional in my look.  Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to change things up!          


  1. Thank goodness that the Trolley Barn was so color coordinated for your new summer hat and outfit. Keep having fun with that glue gun and thrift stores.


  2. A thought…glue the flowers onto a length of velcro…then vecro the band around the hat. Remove the band, as needed and create more velcro bands of other color choices for variety.
    You could also get a black hat or other colored hats and use the velcro bands of flowers, as well. Many new hats for the price of a strip of velcro and inexpensive fleurs from Michaels.
    Good idea????


  3. I also think you should continue finding beautiful back drops for your photos…snap lots of pictures and start thinking about creating a book of ideas for others to show “Elegance On A Limited Budget” (mmmm..good title?) It would sell!!!


  4. I love talented people. Great hat! You are looking so fabulous these days. Atlanta surely agrees with you. Continue to enjoy life.



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