Fashion Fun on a Budget…

One of my blog categories will now focus on fashion fun for ladies over 50.  As I noted in my last blog,”Change Up for 25 Bucks and Under, as a Senior citizen, it is my endeavor to have some fun with fashion without breaking the bank.  I am finding it is so easy to do.  Just an accessory here and there added to existing pieces in my closet is my monthly goal.

After all, while on a fixed income, I am not trying to go into debt to be stylish.  I find this a challenge to be creative and to change up on some of my old creature comfort styles.  And the best part is trying to stay under $25.

My latest piece I am adding to my collection is a $5 sun hat I bought at a resale shop.  I cannot shout out the benefits of resale enough!  Why reinvent the wheel, so to speak, when it has already been done so?

I just used a basic black maxi dress, with jewelry I have had since the 90’s and….Voila, a new fun look.

I hope some of you out there are trying new things and making it fun by staying in a budget.  Stay tuned for more fun looks to come!   


  1. How fun. And you really know how to work that camera. We know Rowan comes by it honestly. BTW also loved that backdrop. Is the mural near where you live? I saw a lot of wonderful murals driving through the area.


    • Thanks Karen! That is my daughter-in-law’s influence in working that camera. LOL! The back drop is down the street and around the corner from their house. Very near the Krog Market. So many colorful places to photograph, as you will see in future posts. Hahahaha!


  2. Looks great,Pam!! My problem is finding anything to fit shorr, short-waisted, well-padded. I’ve never been able to get clothes that fit decent, nor had much of a clothes budget, so. I mostly go for that dumpy old lady look. My best accessory is a large purse with lots of pockets I can fumble through in check-out lines to complete the affect. 😂


    • Have you thought about colorful tunics and scarves? It can be so hard finding that one piece that will accent instead of drawing out the negatives. I love tunics because nothing needs to be held in. Changing things can be as simple as trying out a color outside your regular comfort area. Also taking a friend along will give you the boost that you would not normally take. All of this, with trying new things, is my daughter-in-law’s effort to get me out of my box.


  3. Pam…look into starting your own “cost conscious” fashion blog help. Google info on “Blogging”….you have good advice for others and can knowlegeably answer their questions. I think you should “give it a go’ have alot to offer! Love your new ensemble!❤


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