Change Up for 25 Bucks and Under….

One of the big perks for me in moving to Atlanta has been hanging out and shopping with my daughter-in-law.  To say that she is moving me out of my safe and comfortable fashion sense is an understatement.  For me, living in T-shirts in the summer and sweatshirts in the Winter has been my norm.  It was comfortable.  It was easy and it was habitual.  

My daughter-in-law and I love going to the Mall or browsing fashion sites online and finding great sales which fit our individual style.  She has been the main drive in me letting go of my current look.  And I have found at 66 years of age, I am enjoying trying new looks and stepping out of my box.  But as a Senior who lives on a fixed income, buying clothes is not something that fits comfortably in my budget, without setting perimeters.

So what I have found to be fun and challenging is to add to my existing wardrobe with one new item to enhance and change up my look.  My main criteria is that it must be $25 and under.  With that in mind, I am finding some amazing deals either in the mall, online or in resale shops.  One little piece….that is all it takes.  And in staying in my budget, I do this twice a month;  once with my Social Security check and once with my Pension.  LOL!  I am loving it!  Of course, if there is an item over $25, that will take care of the month for me.  While some of you may not want to be this limiting, I am finding it fun, focused and challenging!  And it is not breaking the bank!

Follow me on Instagram to see some of my latest and ongoing looks that have been enhanced through my great bargains.  You can find me on Instagram at

As seniors, we can get pretty comfortable in how we look and what we feel our “signature look” is.  But I want to encourage you to be adventurous.  Dare to try something new.    Make your statement and show your style and feel comfortable doing it on a budget!


  1. I will do as you suggested, my “senior” (though you are 66, me-71!!!!) guru.
    You look absolutely fabulous! Maybe you should start modeling? You could add to your income for new accessories, look beautiful and have fun at the same time! I think that’s a great idea!
    You are a beautiful woman, you know…you go girl!!!


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