I Got The Keys!!!

img_1635  Well, I am now entering the next major stage of my journey to Atlanta. After being here in the city since Sept. 2nd, I finally signed my lease and got my key for my new apartment and I am so excited, I cannot describe it. While I will forever be grateful to my son and his wife for opening their home to me and making me feel so totally welcome, I have to admit there is no place like your “own space.” I miss “my space”.


Right now, a part of me is wondering how many leaves have fallen in Wisconsin. And then in the next thought, realizing I don’t have to worry. I am free of the 50+ bags of leaves I gathered every year, from late October to the end of November, usually right before the first big snow.
I don’t have to worry about cleaning out the flower beds, preparing the house for the upcoming cold winter months ahead because I. AM. FREE!!!!


And right in time, I must say. My body has reminded me, this year, more than ever that it is tired of the work needed to maintain a house. And my mind is exhausted from the fear that something will break down or go wrong. For today……I got my key!!!!


Maintenance is now just a phone call away. I am grateful for many things. Having a home was indeed a blessing for the past 15 years. Please understand that. But now, it is time to just kick back and enjoy what I call “maintenance free” living.


One of the exciting things about my apartment is, I can come out the building and am footsteps away from urban life. I can walk to restaurants, shops, stores, salons, and medical facilities.   I have never lived in walking distance to so many options, and I am fully looking forward to the change.


And the best thing is, it is only a mile and a half away from my son. So I can be near my granddaughter within 5 minutes if needed. I love that! I cannot wait to set up a space at my place for her to come visit. I will be able to put her in the stroller and walk the streets of my neighborhood and stop at the local bakery and have coffee and treats or stop for lunch and have a bite.

img_1656                                   img_1659

When I left Milwaukee, I left my furniture and a lot of things I had accumulated over the years. I am excited about furnishing my new place and making it “my space”. I am going to be intentional in what I buy and realize less is indeed more.


So stay tuned to my continued adventure of my new life in the ATL. I cannot wait to share all of the “firsts” that are coming up as I go forward. 65 is a great age to be as I am making these changes. I feel I am more intentional in what I want.  I am loving this change and I look forward to many, new adventures. I hope you too, act on some new adventures and try some new things that make you step out of your box. Never would I have believed that I would do this. Imagine the things you have wanted to do, and make this the year that you move to make them happen  And who knows, maybe our paths will cross in our future endeavors!


    • I have to say Beth, I am encountering some of the nicest drivers here. Even though they drive way too fast, some of them, they are quick to allow you to change lanes, pull out in traffic or get in front of them. I love that!


  1. Love, love your new space and look forward to seeing you make it yours. Your Milwaukee home was warm and inviting as you will transform this space.. Enjoy that beautiful new space and that modern kitchen. Tell us about your neighbors. Do they seem to be home during the day/ do you that gym all to yourself? What can be more perfect than being walking distance to the kids? Sounds like a wonderful fit.


    • Thank you Karen! I cannot wait to make it my space and I want to be intentional in how I do it, so I am browsing a lot of things right now until things grab me. I have not met any neighbors yet. It is very quiet there, which I love. During the day, the fitness room is pretty empty except for a few older people. I guess that is because the young ones are working. Another thing I like! The community reminds me of Shorewood along Oakland Ave, somewhat. Retail areas, restaurants, food store, etc. This is a big change for me. But one I am ready to welcome. I no longer have to drive to the store.


  2. Look out ATL….Pamela and her “street feet” will soon be on the loose!!! Your place looks amazing. Cant wait to see how you make it into a “home!” And Beth is right….”no shoveling!!” That to me is H-E-A-V-E-N


    • Too late…already out and about exploring the city. All I need is my “WAZE” GPS and I am ready to go. I am starting to find familiar markers and have a fairly good sense of direction, so I am pretty much all over the place. LOL! But then you knew I would be. I am going to do a future blog on transformation of my space. And as far as the shoveling goes….I have never been so happy to get rid of a snow blower as I was to get rid of mine.


  3. Welcome to Atlanta Pam. Your apartment is really cute and the community sounds really nice. We must get together soon.
    I remember my first winter here. So pleasant in comparison to the north. Get ready to be amused when you see how Atlantans react when we have our “snow storms”.


    • Thanks Brenda! I am looking forward to hopefully seeing you soon. I am so looking forward to a milder winter experience beginning this year. I have to laugh, because when I got here and we had the effects of the hurricane, I went to Kroger that Sunday afternoon and bread was cleared off all of the shelves and the store was full of people. I couldn’t believe it. So i cannot imagine what a dusting of snow will do.


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