As One Door Shuts…. Another Door Opens

20170516_162416   Almost 15 years ago, just shy of one month, the Lord gave me the desires of my heart. I became a homeowner. At 50 years old it was thrilling, yet a bit frightening. The responsibility and the commitment to a foreclosed property was a bit overwhelming. But I knew the moment I saw it, that this was the house for me. A very good friend had called me and told me, “I found your house.” While she knew I was looking, I thought I would at least drive by and see what it looked like.

I remember pulling up and sitting outside and immediately feeling a stirring within, like this could be the one. And I prayed over the desire of my heart and called the number on the sign. I have to pause here and say, when you put God in the plans and give things over to him, you sometimes get taken for the ride of your life. And that is exactly what happened. Within one month, I had moved in and began this journey of homeownership.

I made some bad choices along the way in terms of repairs and improvements, but overall, I put my mark on it and my house became my home that I loved and cherished. It gave me comfort. It gave me sanctuary, and it gave me joy. But as with every thing, you have to know when to hold em and when to fold em. It is so easy to get comfortable and attached to our things in life. I truly thought I would be in my home until I moved into a senior apartment. But low and behold, life offered me a curve ball.

In November 2016, I found out I was going to be a grandma and at that point I knew one thing, and that is, my grandchild would need me as much as I knew I would need to see each step of her development. The problem was, I was in Milwaukee and she would be in Atlanta. So I did what I knew I had to do….get my house ready to sell.

  Along the journey of preparing my house for sale, I had some increasingly concerning health issues which resulted in two surgeries that significantly altered my moving forward. I was down, but certainly not out. But one thing the surgeries showed me was a confirmation that the upkeep of my house would be a difficult maneuver going forward. So the prospect of selling was reinforced even more.

I am saying all of this to state that now, months later, I am happy to announce my house sold today. Every I was dotted and every t was crossed and as of this morning, I am free and clear of homeownership and maintenance and upkeep. I am free to move onto apartment living and I have to say I have found a beautiful one and will be signing the lease in a couple weeks, ready to begin the next exciting phase of life.

But before I completely close one chapter, I must first give honor to God for enabling me, 15 years ago to become a homeowner, even though at that point I only had $12 in my savings account. He opened doors in ways that I knew only he could do. He provided for me over the years, allowed me to prosper, never ever be late once on a mortgage payment and to furnish my home with love and furnishings that I freely gave away during this move. I thank him and will forever praise him. As I go forward, I know the same unchanging God is still with me in my new city and new apartment. I cannot wait to see what he has in store for me. In the meantime, I know I am bathed in his love and provision for my life.


  1. In honor of you selling your home , I have contributed to Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico to help others create new households. Hugs and congratulations and best wishes.


  2. I am so happy for you and can’t wait to learn about all of the new adventures that you have in your new home. You are proof of how God is so good to the faithful. As long as I have known you, you have always given God the glory for every blessing in your life. He was with you here and we know He is with you there, helping you to lavish your love for Him on Rowan. I miss you, but I am also extremely happy for you. I can’t wait to see how you fix up your new apartment!!!


    • Awwww…I do believe those are some of the sweetist words you have spoken to me. Thank you my friend. You know I expect to see you down here so I can show you the city. I am only a phone call away and a 1 hour 53 minute plane ride. LOL!


  3. Road trip??? Wish I’d seen the old home (in Brown Deer)….looks lovely!
    Happiness to you in Atlanta and there’s an open invitation for a party here anytime!….just give me a “heads up!”


    • Road trip…for sure! Thanks Kathy! Sorry that things propelled forward so quickly as I prepared to leave. I would have loved to have been able to say goodbye to many friends in a wonderful party setting. And your generous offer touched my heart deeply. I look forward to maybe getting together on future trips back because I am gone, but definitely know how to come back every now and then.


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