Starting Anew….Transitioning to Atlanta

_storage_emulated_0_playmemories mobile_dsc00807   Well, it has been exactly one month now since I began this journey to my new home in Atlanta. I call this phase my “Transitional Adjustments” phase. Shutting down my home was indeed an overwhelming task. I could not have done it without help from my family, Dean and James, and my two good friends, Brenda T. and Brenda B. They took things off my hands and helped move my things to storage. Things that had accumulated over 15 years that I was still hanging on to, long after their usefulness stage had expired. Streamlining those items were huge tasks! And I realize the job is not done. I put too many things in storage that I was not emotionally ready to let go of, but am ready to now.

I call this my transitional phase because the things I am keeping are in storage back in Milwaukee until my house closes. I have found an apartment in Atlanta which will be ready for move in later in October, and is contingent on the sale of my house. So you see how things are in place, but not yet definite? For someone who likes to know the exact path from A to Z, this is very hard to navigate so many variables and acceptance of things out of my control. I hate functioning like this, but after one month it has become easier.

On September 2nd, I loaded the car down with suitcases of clothes, packed to the brim and other personal items and headed to my new beginning. My son flew up to drive my car for me, which I was indeed grateful for, in reflecting back. I had not anticipated the emotional toll of leaving and was so grateful for the driving and the company. After about 13 hours, we arrived.

So fast forward and now it is October 2nd and looking reflectively at my life, I am seeing that I have accomplished some significant things during my short time here. Here are a few:

I have settled in a pretty good routine taking care of my granddaughter and it is not as scary as I anticipated. I love every day I get to spend with her.

My house closes on October 5th! That is major! Doing it long distance is stressful, but I have taken care of all that will be required and am waiting for the buyer to fulfill their part.

I found an apartment about a mile away from my son and daughter-in-law. I will sign the lease right after my house closing. So the anticipation of that is huge! Hoping to go back to Milwaukee by the end of the month to get my things out of storage.

I joined a local travel group whose specialty are one day trips. Our first outing is to Greenville, SC to a Fall Foliage Festival. Next month, to a Winery! My first dinner meeting was to a Jamaican Restaurant and we had over 120 people attending, with 30 of us as first timers. The food was great and the people were some of the friendliest I have met. I look forward to many adventures with this group.

I am navigating the city very well. I am using the MARTA and driving around quite comfortably; even the freeways! My GPS is my best friend. LOL!

I have not found a church home yet, so that is on my list of must do’s, because that is a void I am feeling significantly in my life.

So right now I am feeling pretty good after one month. I would encourage any of you who are looking for change in your life to just consider doing it. There will seldom be the perfect time. Change is indeed scary and somewhat paralyzing. And there are few definites in moving forward. I am realizing that some things you can plan, control, and carry out. Other things in life, not so much. But stop putting off what you have wanted to do and have filed it away to the “Maybe one day” category. I know because that has been pretty much me; waiting for that perfect time, waiting for enough money, and most importantly waiting for the courage.

I will admit there have been many fears I have experienced. And there have been nights that I have been awake at 3:00 a.m. feeling stressed. But through prayer and help and support from family and friends, I have gotten through. And I am excited going forward!

_storage_emulated_0_download_img_1242   Are you ready for a change in your life? If so, I would encourage you to do it. Make it happen!


  1. It was really impactful. Thanks for helping me understand the need to get used to changes in life ( soemthing i’ve always cringed about when it had occurred to me)


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