Decluttering is Not Just for Our Things…

As Spring has now come upon us, many of us do what we do every year and that is to declutter, toss things out, and clear our houses and closets and basements. We are revved up and ready to go in so many ways.

Me personally, I make my “To Do” lists to ensure things get done and to keep me focused because I am sure all of you can agree, when you start focusing on one thing, you tend to get side tracked down another path, and then another and another. It is sort of like when you start browsing on the internet and soon lose sight of what you originally sat down to search.

My list of “To Do” things right now, is at 40 and this is for both inside and outside the house. It is particularly long because I am getting the house ready to sell and there are things to be done, believe me. This year I have been side tracked with unforeseen health issues that have slowed me down considerably.

But in addition to decluttering our physical spaces, we must remember that now is a good time to declutter our thoughts and our mental focuses. For me, I have come up with 4 ways to keep my focus, and optimize my thoughts in positive ways. They may work for you, and they may not. In fact, you may have 4
others that are just effective and if so, I would love to hear your feedback.

To get the maximum use of each day in reaching my goal of completing my 40 tasks in the weeks ahead and to declutter my thoughts, here is what I feel is vital:

  1. Make a list first of all! As you make a list, realize nothing is ever permanent. Lists can be adjusted. They can be personalized and they can be added to. The primarily purpose of a list is to give you focus and direction, but you are the one in control.
  2. Prioritize! There are many ways to prioritize. You might want set attainable goals one day at a time. You may want to set weekly goals for yourself. You may even have longterm goals. But prioritize them so they are doable, and this will help you to stick with them. If you do not meet your goals, free yourself and just adjust or revise.
  3. Stop multi-tasking so much! I have always prided myself of the ability to multi-task, which was a strong benefit of being a teacher. But sometimes in doing that, we lose our focus. We get overwhelmed and we do shut down in so many ways. Pick one thing and stick with it until competition. This carries over in so many things. Focus on the one thing you want to accomplish or carry through on and do it. Then you can mentally check it off and be done with it, which might be more rewarding than to have your hands in many things.
  4. Keep things simple! I know, I know….a 40 job list is not keeping it simple. But for me it is. In making the list, I am acknowledging to myself what needs to be done. There is no pressure on my part to get it done right away. Enjoy the journey of life. Do what you can. If you have the list, you at least know a destination. If you prioritize what you want, it will keep your from multi-tasking. If you keep it simple, you keep the stress from building.

Isn’t stress free living what we all want? I firmly believe decluttering the space around you frees your mind. Decluttering your mind, frees your thoughts. All of this points toward living the life that you are deserving of. So when those moments come where you just want to kick back and have fun, you are not overwhelmed with tasks that lie ahead.

So I encourage you to take some time as you begin that Spring cleaning to work on your mind, your thoughts, and to have that fun, intentional stress free life that you deserve.

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