Best News Ever!!!!

OK… so I am starting out 2017 with the best news ever! I am going to be a grandmother and my heart is soaring!

I found out on Thanksgiving but was asked by my kids to wait until the first of the year before putting it on social media. For me, that was like putting a huge gift wrapped box in front of me and telling me not to open it for weeks! That was the hardest thing ever! But I did it! I had will power.

And now that I am unleashed, I want to take a moment to apologize for what is about to come. Yes, I know I will be out of control. Yes, I probably will have some of you avoiding me before it is over, because of my fixation. And yes, I know you will probably tell me to get a handle on it.

But for now, I am elated to the moon and back. I cannot wait to meet my grandchild on or around July 9th. I have prayed and prayed for this and now God has granted me the desires of my heart and for that I am forever grateful. Those of you who are grandparents know what I am feeling. Those of you who are not, bear with me.

With the impending arrival comes much change for me and the biggest change is that of moving up my time clock to relocate to Atlanta. My biggest question is do I sell my house or rent it? Where do I move when I get there? For me, right now, I do not have a clear path to reach my destination. I have ideas and I have desires but I want to make sure whatever I do, it is within God’s Will for my life. So often I run ahead of him without waiting and have made some super mistakes. I am trying to do this right.

For my Atlanta friends, feel free to give me suggestions on great areas for Seniors to live. I am focusing on the Decatur area right now. I don’t want to live in a Senior community, but rather in an area where there is an abundance of activities to reach out to Seniors.

So I am keeping this blog short and sweet…

How I found out on Thanksgiving!

And I am anticipating my “best news ever” will lead to my “best year ever”! So I am going to buckle up and ride this year out, excited by the changes that it will bring.

Until next time….


  1. Congratulations Pam! The gift of a grandchild is most precious. Being proximal is wonderful if it can be done, although your Wisconsin friends will miss you. Wishing you pride, joy, and health to all!


  2. Congratulations my friend! I am so happy for you because I know how long you have been waiting for this to happen. Give my regards to the parents – to – be. BTW….That was such a cute way to reveal it to you. I bet you teared up!! I would have.


    • Girl, she video taped me and her mom opening our gifts and when it hit us at what we were looking up, I jumped up screaming like I had hit the lottery. It is on film and I know she is going to post it sometime. I truly lost my mind for a minute. LOL!


  3. There is nothing like it!
    We are babysitting now and I am giving the puppy (who gets ups at 5:00 a.m.) a cow trachea to gnaw on!!!! yuk!!
    I am so happy for you, but sad to be loosing you to Georgia!
    I, however, would do just as you’re doing, if my grandchildren were there.
    Your friends in Mil. will all end up scattering in time, anyway. You will always get together with those you love…that’s a fact!!!
    Congratulations, Grandma….I think the baby should call you Pam-a!!
    Happy New Year!!!


    • Hahaha! Thanks Kathy! The other grandmother wants to be called Nana. So I am trying to pick a name. Your choice is original. LOL! I literally cannot wait for this time to pass, but there is so much to do in going forward.


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