20161204_153702-1.jpgI’m back! Just in case you have been missing me, or not! LOL! I took myself off Facebook and off my blog for the past couple weeks. Life, for me was getting way too serious and I needed to put myself in check for so many reasons.

First, all of you who know me, know I am passionate about social issues and politics. And with the build up and outcome of the recent elections, I don’t need to tell you I was spiraling into an abyss of dismay and disappointment. I truly have not watched the news since the day after elections. I do catch a story here and there, but have freed myself from the marathon I was on.

While I am truly disappointed in the outcome of the elections, my fatalist attitude has changed to that of casual observer. We got what we asked for and we are truly going to get it and more.   I will survive whatever comes and I do know this, I will be diligently praying for guidance and for direction from God, for His Will will prevail no matter who is in “control”.

So my focus on this blog is about moving on. When we don’t get what we want how do we deal with it? I hope you find some of my thought helpful…

  1. Stop beating everyone up with your disappointments. Sure you want everyone to know how upset you are. That is as natural for me as drinking water. But there comes a point when it begins to consume you and that is when you should take heed of the wise advice of friends to let it go and to begin listening to that inner part reminding you of who is in control. I call this listening to the Holy Spirit guiding me.
  2. Look for the best in all situations. When we don’t get what we want, we need to ask ourselves, “What can I learn from this?” How can the outcome of this disappointment benefit me?” God truly grows us through disappointment and through pain. Sometimes it is during those times we hear his voice the clearest.
    I am not going to like or agree with everything that happens in this world. Knowing that, concentrate on the things I have control of and work to make my life beneficial under the worst of circumstances.
  3. Always keep building bridges and not roadblocks. I know I said that I did not want to have anything to do with misguided Trump supporters, as I called them. But, some of them are personal friends. While I cannot understand a lot regarding their reasoning for voting for him, they are good people and there will be a lot of things we can build on and learn from each other as we go forward. Mutual respect was not a prevalent part of this past year of campaigning, but hopefully this can be something that can be found again and exemplified in our world, for the sake of all of us.
  4. Keep talking. Becoming isolationist and forming camps of thoughts and beliefs is detrimental for all of us. We must keep respectful conversations going, even when we are on separate sides of the fence.

If we can do all of these things, keeping in mind when to ” hold them and when to fold them”, we will get through these uncharted waters that lie ahead and we just might have a good time reconnecting in the process.

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