Reunited and It Feels So Good….

20160810_081145.jpgAt the end of April, I put my gym membership on hold believing I would begin to get my daily workout through yard work and walking during the wonderful, beautiful days of summer.

Well, having gone through most of the summer now, it appears I have gained about 6 pounds and spent most of the time looking at my yard from the serene beauty of my patio, while munching on some delectable treat or drinking something highly caloric in nature. LOL!

I had every good intention. But my mantra became….”Maybe tomorrow” or “It can wait”.

So on August 1st I resumed my membership and reunited myself with my favorite past time, water aerobics, and I do indeed feel so very good! With watching the Summer Olympics, I am motivated to get up and move. Now seriously, I know I will never win any competition unless it is in Senior Olympics, but I feel like I am a winner now. The feeling I get after completing a class is indescribable. I feel pumped up, motivated and energized. And by
the way, in these few short days, I have lost 5 pounds!

Water equipment to get the job done!

I have to thank my mom for being my role model in this. Up until she was 89, she was in the pool almost every single day with her water class. She loved it until she had to stop. And now that she has passed away, she is still motivating me with her example.

I would encourage you to find your love, your passion or your heart’s desire and then to just do it. For me, right now, it is returning to the water. As we move into Fall, I want to add Power lifting to my repertoire of workouts.

Sitting is never good and it is something we have to constantly fight. Believe me, nobody loves sitting more than I. But as we age, it certainly adds to our early demise or diminished lifestyle. It gets so very easy to say, “Maybe later”. Since I retired four years ago, I have perfected the art of procrastination.

My mom at age 89 doing her daily water aerobics.

Maybe water aerobics is not your thing. Maybe you hate the water or the work it takes getting into the pool. But I challenge you to find something you can connect with. Something that will get you up and moving. It may take a while and you may exhaust a list of things that you can connect with. But don’t give up! It is there. Maybe you may need a buddy to help motivate you. The point is, whatever it takes, get up and get moving. Do it today!


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