Come On People! Get Out Of That Box!

20150815_185413.jpgSettling back into my routine after having spent almost 3 weeks in Atlanta has been relatively easy. There are some “must do’s”, and some “constants” that are easy to pick up and continue, like jumping into yard work and doing household maintenance, etc.

One thing I noticed while visiting Atlanta, was the lack of age peers in a lot of the places I frequented. Don’t get me wrong, my kids have some of the most fabulous, wonderful friends and I especially enjoyed their company and their kindness during my visit. But, on the other hand, I saw very few oldies, like myself. And it left me wondering, “What do my age group do for fun”?

Being back home a full week has been a bit different too. My running buddy for the past 12 plus years just moved to California and I am finding myself adjusting my social calendar in new ways. You know how you fall into habits with some peers? You end up doing the same things over and over, to the point that it becomes routine and dull? And as with my age group, everything, and I mean everything, centers around eating. I won’t get those Friday night or Saturday morning calls about “What are you going to do this evening or today?” If you are like me, you talk about trying new things, but seldom are motivated to move forward, because let’s face it, routines can be comfortable and predictable.

20150809_170250-1.jpgWell, I have to say my new norm, moving forward, is going to be very different. I am excited about the possibilities that come when you free yourself mentally to try new things and to do new things.

Here are my short term goals for the summer that I am very excited about.

  • Increase my activities with my “Red Hat Group” through planning and participating in a variety of social events this summer. Looking forward to that. We are going to dare to be different!
  • Take a short term class in the coming month, or a day class once each month for the short foreseeable future. I am looking at a cooking class, a photography class or even a diversity class, learning something new about a new culture.
  • Actively put things on the calendar, in the moment, instead of saying the usual “Let’s get together soon” comment that we so often do, when we see friends or acquaintances.
  • Do some short term service projects or ministry projects, which are self fulfilling for me. There are a couple I am looking at. But I know I have to be careful not to overwhelm myself and to choose wisely.
  • Hosting some social gathering in my backyard, this summer. I always love that because I am an outdoors person who loves patio dining and entertaining.
  • Continue with my monthly book club meetings and my monthly craft afternoons. I mean, come on, we don’t need to change everything about our routines, right?  There are just some things we look forward to!
  • Outdoor concerts….enough said! Our town has concerts somewhere just about every night in the summer, and I plan on taking advantage of them at least once a week.  You can find a blues night, jazz night, classical night and even salsa night, to name a few.
  • Road Trips! I would say it is time I got out and about in my state. There are many parts I have not visited. I am thinking of making a list of my “Top 5 Places to visit” and to hit the road and discover.
  • Participate in a Walk/Run before September, which will mean getting out there and hitting the neighborhood, building up my stamina.
  • Taking better care of myself to do all of these things. I have put my gym membership on a 3 month hold, but it certainly does not mean not doing at least 30 minutes of cardio each day. So, walking buddies, come on down! Let’s tie up those sneakers, and hit some trails.

imag0461.jpgWell this is a beginning. And I am sure this list will be adjusted, conformed and maybe even not fully implemented. But it is a road map to having new experiences, breaking those habits and just putting some new fun and fuel in your routines.

Are you up for it? I challenge you to sit down today and come up with a plan to go forward and make this the best summer ever! It is not contingent on others, but totally all about you and your quest for fun and variety!


  1. Great thoughts, great ideas…remember me!

    On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 7:57 AM, Retired and Smiling wrote:

    > Pamela Barbee Marshall posted: “Settling back into my routine after having > spent almost 3 weeks in Atlanta has been relatively easy. There are some > “must do’s”, and some “constants” that are easy to pick up and continue, > like jumping into yard work and doing household maintenance, etc. ” >


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