Kicking it at the Inman Park Festival

Those of you who are from Milwaukee know that it is known as the City of Festivals. For beginning in June through September, there is a festival every weekend occurring somewhere in the area.  Ethnic festivals are a yearly occurrence  and are well attended.

I was fortunate enough this year to get a jump start on the season. For this past weekend, here in Atlanta, we celebrated the Inman Park festival. It is a was two day festival which included a parade, streets lined with foods, crafts, drinks and bands, and a tour of some of the beautiful neighborhood homes.  Golf carts were everywhere and people were in abundance.

This year, my son and daughter-in-law had a pre-parade gathering of 40-50 people by opening their home and roof top deck, as you can see by the photos above. It was filled to capacity and many chose to forego the parade and just continue to hang on the deck. Just to mention, their home is right next to the festival. You walk down their driveway and go to the corner and you are at the festival.  So many chose to come in and hang out, and leave to walk the festival area and return again.  It was a beautiful array of guests, from family to dear friends, to new acquaintances and friends for years.  There was plenty of food, drinks, conversation and laughter.

It was a beautiful hot day and the rain held off until evening. Not a lot of text in this blog. In fact, this post is not like my traditional posts.  There are no memories I am sharing or no straight talk topics I am covering.  I am just sharing, this week, a review of a great weekend.   I will let the photos speak for themselves.  See the first picture below of the crowd watching the parade?  Look at the rest in the group and that would be us, during the parade, posing for pictures, all while the parade goes by.  LOL!

You have got to love festivals and this is one of the best.  So next year, if you are in the Atlanta area, around this time, make sure you check it out.  It is a beautiful way to spend a part or all of your weekend.


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