When the Circle is Broken…..

Our unbroken circle….

Yesterday was siblings day and I saw many beautiful family photos posted on Facebook throughout the day; new photos, retro photo and random photos. I love seeing families and reading the affirmations of love that accompanied some of them.

I even posted one of my own. But while remembering “Siblings Day” is a beautiful thing, it can also be bittersweet. For you see, whenever you lose a family member, the circle of love becomes broken. For the link they represent is no longer there. The space remains but the link is forever gone.

I miss my brother. I miss his broken link. I wish he were still here, for there are many things I would tell him. He was a kind hearted, gentle soul, who left us way too soon. While he was not in the best of health, death still left an unprepared sting and robbed all of us siblings the opportunity to say goodbye. It robbed us of the future plans we had of sharing family celebrations and holidays.  It robbed us of growing old together.

I am not totally mad at death, for tomorrow is not promised. We all know it is inevitable and that it is going to happen.  I am more mad at myself for not initiating more contact, more conversations, and more time together with my brother. For you see, we always think we have the time; that we have another day, and that we have more opportunity. But nothing in life is a definite.

Siblings 1
Our Broken Circle…missing Cornell

So as you enjoy the photos posted and are reminded of your own family, make that phone call you have been meaning to do. Pick up the phone, call your sibling, parent, or friend and tell them you were just thinking about them and that you love them.

Plan that time together. Don’t keep saying “We have go to get together soon”. Do it and don’t wait for the best time. For that best time may never come.

Keep in touch and don’t let life get in the way. Don’t take their being around forever…as a definite. Life is way too short. We are far too comfortable becoming creatures of habits and telling ourselves “I am going to do it” and that “it” never seems to happen.
And finally enjoy family. Yes, I know family often equals drama. Maybe there is something that has happened in the past that is still coloring the way you interact with your siblings. Maybe there is something you are having a hard time letting go of.  Free yourself!  Part of forgiving is moving on past the pain. That person, who you are holding a grudge with, may never change, but aren’t you ready to have joy? Aren’t you ready to unburden yourself? If you are one of the families that are blessed with no drama, I applaud you. I even envy you!  Enjoy your family and tell them you love them.  For every day you wake up, it is one more opportunity to love, to enjoy and to connect. For you are indeed blessed!  Count your blessing and start owning them!

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