5 Things I Will Not Take for Granted….

ImageSometimes we can get so caught up in daily living that we lose sight of things that are so vitally important; that if we lose them, our lives are devastated and often impacted for ever. I love pausing and thinking about life more and more now that I am retired and able to breathe from life’s treadmill.

Here are my list of 5 things that I am refusing to take for granted. If you take a moment, I am sure you will come up with your own list and your own things that you must start embracing and enjoying.

  1. Loving and Serving God with my entire Heart, Soul and Mind….so often we say “Yes, I believe in God” and I go to church. But what does that really mean? You are an attender? You pray on occasion? You treat everybody nice? Well, I have learned knowing, loving and serving God encompasses so much more. It means totally living a life seeking His Will for your life. It is about building a relationship in getting to know Him and loving Him and your fellow man. And believe me, that last part is the hardest. It is easy to say, but so hard to do. But with Him, all things are possible. Apart from Him, we are unable to do so. Just look around at the world around you. You don’t have to look far to see how we treat our fellow man, yet we say we love God.
  2. My Health….being in my mid 60’s is starting to get a bit scary. I am now having things pop up that I have never experienced. And now….it is official; I have a pill bottle. Ugh!!!! Up until recently, I merely took a baby aspirin once a day. But now I do have to take an additional med, once a day. While that in itself is not bad, I am thankful, and I will never ever take my health for granted. I am thankful to be able to go to the gym, daily, if I desire with no restrictions. I walk and run on the treadmill or ride the recumbent bike. I do water aerobics in the pool. And I lift weights, up to 3 times a week. That is a blessing. I am energized, living within my weight norms and all of my recent medical tests are within normal limits. That is is a huge blessing that allows me to breathe easier and with gratitude.
  3. Family….I am and will forever be a mom. And being a mom to adult sons that live on opposite ends of the country is hard. I want to physically be with both, but it usually boils down to an either or choice. But I am blessed that I have that choice and that in addition to my sons, I have the most wonderful, amazing daughter-in-law in the world. I also have my mom still with us, about to turn 90 years old and siblings that I love and cherish. I love our family gatherings and will continue to make every effort to increase them, even though distance is a factor to overcome.
  4. Friends….I lost my best friend ever, several years ago and her death still leaves an open ache in my heart, because once our kids got older, we had all of these ideas of road trips and hanging out, that never got an opportunity to happen. While that hole will always remain in my heart,  God has blessed me with a bevy of friends, some of which have been life-long and some that have come into my life for a season. I am learning that some people are mere acquaintances and are merely meant to add to the balance of life, if you know what I mean. But true friends, and good friends are to be cherished and appreciated to share in your life’s journey.
  5. Finally, Choices….while it may sound a bit vague, having choices is a very big deal. With choices comes freedom and independence. You take control of your life and become more intentional with living a life that you choose. Yes, I do know that some things are chosen for us. That is the nature of living. But when you can make choices, do so. Don’t just let life happen and then one day look back and wish you had done something you always wanted to do. Or wish you had done something differently. Just do it! Just choose it! And live with your decision, and hopefully, a wise one at that!

So make that list. Start focusing on what is important for you;  those somethings that must not be taken for granted.   Begin to cherish them and nurture them and focus your life on the things that truly matter.  Don’t just let life happen to you.  Don’t live a life of “fitting things in”.


  1. Another great inspirational post! Your 5 items are on point, and in the right order!!! Thank you for your wonderful thoughts!


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