Age….It Ain’t Nothing But A Number!

Mom and me

Last week, my 89 year old mom decided to buy herself a Chrome note book so she can learn to browse the internet, send emails and watch some of her favorite gospel singers on Youtube. How cool is that? I applaud my mom for her desire to continue to learn and grow and expand her mind. While she was a bit overwhelmed as I showed her some of the things to get her going, I am confident she will continue to find her groove and comfort with the information highway that most of us now take for granted.

About 4 years ago, at 85, this amazing lady decided to start water aerobics just to get up and get moving. So she goes several times a week and enjoys her water time immensely. She doesn’t get out so much with the wintry weather but is eagerly looking forward to getting back to it once the temps get better.

While most people are winding down, she is pushing on, seeking ways to connect, enjoy life and just better herself. I thank God for her example. She makes me want to be better, to do more and to challenge myself.

Because of a lifetime of watching her and being raised to encourage me to go after what I want, I find myself feeling so free, especially in retirement. I am free to do whatever my mind tells me is doable. Now I am not crazy ridiculous and do realize, I am in my mid 60’s and there are some age appropriate things to adhere to. But beyond that, I am challenging myself.

Me, Mom and my Sister

Just a few weeks ago, I started a weight lifting regime at my gym. I do my workouts every other day. On my days off, I just do cardio, like treadmill and or the recumbent bicycle. With the weights, my oldest son gave me some ideas on what muscle groups to work with, and what types of weights or lifting to do, as well as a balanced eating plan to supplement my workouts. I am excited, energized and committed to seeing what changes I can effect. I also started out walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes but have now changed that to 20 minutes of intervals: 4 minutes walking at 2.8 mph and 1 minute running at 4.5 m.p.h. and repeating it 4 times. I never ever thought I could run, but I am doing it! This routine will soon be adjusted to increase the running as I go. But again….changing things up!

I plan on starting the acoustic guitar soon. I played it years ago, in my 20’s and never got back to it. But I kind of feel now is a good time to reconnect with it. I will most likely just do chord playing, but that works for me.

And I have some travel plans in the future I am considering…

2016 is a good time to do something different; stepping out of your box. Pushing your comfort level and maybe discovering a talent or a passion you never knew existed. Cause remember….age ain’t nothing but a number. Don’t let it box you in, allow it to free you to grow yourself to new heights!


  1. I am out of breath just reading everything that you are doing.!!! Congratulations on deciding to “do you…differently!” Freedom of choice is always a blessing!


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