What are you doing about fixing this world?

IMG_0510Have you looked around you lately? Believe me, you don’t have to look far but it seems the world around us is imploding and exploding at warped speed.. Most of us are scratching our heads and asking “What the heck is going on?” We are bombarded daily with an assault of violence, poverty, pain, and hate in our faces without end. In fact we are almost becoming numb to the pain of others and just praying that “we” stay safe and protected.

As I was doing my morning prayer and quiet time with the Lord, I seriously got hit with a personal revelation today and that is….”Why in the world do we want God to do everything for us?” “What about us doing something?” “Where does the time come or the opportunity prevail when we just do it?” By it….I mean begin to truly love others.

We have the instructions—–The Bible. We have the teacher—-Jesus. We have the comforter, the enabler, the convicter, our guide—The Holy Spirit. And most importantly, we have the most high God—Jehovah God.

We have absolutely everything we need to change this world. But the failing, it seems, lies with us. We have dropped the ball. Where is our love? Where is our faith? What do we often hear other believers say? “Well, if all else fails, let’s pray…. If nothing else, pray…..I’m going to pray for you… You are in my prayers”.  There are too many talking about love and talking about praying but…

Understand people, Faith goes hand in hand with good deeds. Faith and love are actions. While I am in no way underestimating the power of prayer, we need to start doing our part to show faith in action. Everything we do and everything we say need to be pointing the way to the Father, in Heaven. Are you making a difference in the world around you? Does anyone see something different when they look at you? Are you drawing others to want to know God?

I am becoming a bit intolerant of “Wordism”. I do believe that is a new word I just created, but what I am saying is, we can talk and talk and spew words, but when our actions are in contradiction, that is all they are…just words. People can certainly talk and do continue to talk about “loving others”. But the Scripture tells us in James 1:22 “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says”.

I believe that is what is wrong around us today. I want people to know I am a Christian by what I am doing and not necessarily by what I am saying. So I am saying this right now, but also asking myself “How am I going to do this?”

First of all, I am going to continue seeking the “Will of the Father”. I am not going to run ahead of Him, but be more aware of how I am being led. I am going to keep going to my prayer closet and spending my time with him, seeking His Will, and being encouraged and led.  And as I continue to seek guidance, I am going to try harder to love those around me, learn to keep my mouth shut when I want to criticize others, help someone when I see a need, and encourage others to love. And if by watching me, someone, anyone, wants to know what is it about Pam that is different? Why does she seem to not let things bring her down but always seems to love others and be kind and helpful and loving?…….Then I will know, I have done God’s Will. I have made my corner of this world a better place.

If we all do that, love in action will spread and maybe we will begin to see a difference. We will get it!  That to change this world, we have to do our part.  Let’s stop talking and start loving.  But don’t try this apart from God, for surely you will fail.  You have but to look around you in today’s world.  For as a world, we are trying exactly that and look where we are. Seek God’s Wisdom, and His Guidance.  He will strengthen, guide, enable and protect. For you see, we cannot love all on our own strength. Don’t tell God that is is hard to love others because they are mean to us or they have hurt us or because they just are not nice people. We love because He first loved us. It is because of Him!

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