Something Wicked this way comes….

58423_1601224196359_7661937_nFall has to be one of the most gorgeous seasons full of colors and smells and warm days and cool nights. It can be filled with the fragrant smells of apple pie, pumpkin spice and smoky fire pits.149799_1669728788931_5947030_n

Since I have retired, I have loved the lazy days of waking up deciding how I want to get out and enjoy the day and savor the dwindling remnants of summer as fully as I can. A long drive, sitting on a patio sipping hot coffee or cider, or just sitting in the sun on my patio reading a book.  These are all reasons why I am retired and smiling.

56180_1663872082517_6873347_oHowever…. Fall has a down side that I have come to dread more and more as the seasons pass…Raking Leaves!!!!! When I say “Something Wicked this way comes”,  believe me, I truly mean it.  At 63 years old, it is no longer a joy or even considered a workout, in a fun way.  It is pure agony.  Pure dread.  And pure dislike.  Every year I have anywhere from 48-60 bags of leaves that I must gather, and this is after I have raked, vacuumed, and mulched them to fit in bags.   As I enjoy the beauty of Fall,  I also have the consternation of knowing I have a full time job ahead of me. For you see my yard has too many trees and not only that but I have the largest tree on the street which is also the very last to change colors and lose its leaves. I have been known to rake right up to the first snowfall often in mid to late November.332628_2689998535037_890799112_o

IMG_0263This has become the bane of my existence. I even tried to see how much landscapers would charge last year and they wanted $300 to do the whole yard.  I somehow cannot justify that, so….. I have my bags ready, waiting and anticipating and fearing what is to come.


last year’s leaves

Now…if I have any friends who want to have a leaf raking party in early November, I will be happy to put on a pot of chili, make some cornbread muffins, lots of hot coffee and cider and we can sit around the fire pit to top it off. LOL!

Until then I will continue to be “Retired and Smiling” through the aches to come!

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