Remembering September 11th….

PicsArt_1347369565012-1-1Over these past few days, I have been remembering September 11th and how we came together in prayer as a nation and world.  Our churches were filled with broken hearts.  People turned to each other for healing and comfort.

Moving forward, unfortunately, we have run in the opposite direction. We have turned away from God and righteousness and are warping God’s Word to fit our personal agendas. There is a crisis going on around us on every level.  Our churches are emptying out.  Our hearts are becoming increasingly hardened.

One of the disturbing things I heard was our President suggested America take in 10,000 refugees in view of the crisis going on in Europe.  What was America’s response?  Opposition, because we could be inviting terrorists in our country, or people who could become terrorist.  Since when has receiving help been so conditional that we can look the other way and justify it?  Fear is driving us to turn our backs on everything.  Fear is stroking the flames of hate in this country.  Fear is suggesting we build walls instead of building bridges.  Fear is isolating us and causing us to lose more and more of our humanity.

A revival is needed in each and every one of us. It is needed in our families, our churches, our nation and our people. We have to stop chasing things and start chasing God.

_cross_ground_zeroSo as we continue to remember this day, I pray for revival. I pray for hunger in our hearts for God’s Word and a growing love among all of us for each other. Praying for families, for the unsaved and for our young people. Pray to have broken hearts for the lost, the poor, and the homeless. Healing our land will only begin with the healing of our hearts. That will only happen when we put God first and seek his kingdom. Truly seek and let’s stop pretending we care by saying words. Love is an action. Let’s just start doing it!


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