America…..Be Careful What You Ask For!

DSCN0225One of the reasons for doing my blog was to free my Facebook friends from my political tirades and to give myself a new venue to voice my opinions in a format which you, the reader, have the choice of deciding to read or not. I have not addressed politics directly because frankly, I am overwhelmed by all the absurdity that is coming out of the mouths of current candidates and I truly don’t know where to begin.

First of all, I would like to say to all of my moderate Republican friends, I feel for you. If you stick to party lines, I wouldn’t be surprised you are reeling with concern from the front runners at this point. I miss the days where candidates ran on platforms that encouraged working across the aisle and focusing on the betterment of all citizens. When you look at all of the 17 candidates (I believe that is the latest number) running in the current race, you seriously have to shake your head. The Republican Party no longer resembles the party of yesteryear. And by the way, I will get on the Democrats in posts to come.

All of you who know me, know my feelings on Scott Walker. But in my wildest dreams, I never considered we would be at this point with an even more contemptuous Donald Trump leading the polls.

I find Donald Trump to be a racist, hateful, spiteful bully who talks with no filters and bulldozes his way through interviews and conversations. Listening to some friends yesterday, some of the things they said was, “He at least tells it like it is.”  Really?  Would you not agree that a President should value tact and decency?  Speaking of decency, at a recent rally,  Trump faked an  Asian accent to mock Chinese and Japanese businessmen by saying ‘We want deal!  That is not a way that a leader builds bridges with other countries.  And as disturbing as it was for him to say that, the crowd responded with laughs and applause.  Really?  If people can laugh and applaud that type of offensive behavior, it says a lot about the constituents that are supporting him and the mentality driving him upward in the polls.   My friends also said “He is refreshing among “conventional” politicians who say what you want to hear.”   Again, really? I would have to ask if they are liking what they are hearing? Are they agreeing with his brassy response?  I cannot laugh.  There is nothing funny being said.

I hope America wakes up and really thinks about who we want to lead us through the next 4 years. If middle class America thinks he has their interests at heart, they are seriously delusional. He is a businessman with no diplomatic skills.  If one thinks deporting massive groups of people south of the border and building a wall will solve America’s problems, then one might be seriously delusional. If one thinks running America will be like running his empire and lead us to solvency, one might be delusional.  He is a man that glorifies bankruptcy and filing lawsuits.  4 times his companies have declared bankruptcy.  I wonder how many times he plans to bankrupt America?

I believe Donald Trump is a narcissistic, power hungry, thrill seeking joker. It is delusional to believe that deporting undocumented immigrants from Latin America will solve America’s problems and it’s quite comical (if you can laugh at this point) to believe that Trump will be able to achieve fiscal solvency by running our country like his empire. Every news coverage you hear is him attacking someone; not him offering a workable, viable plan. His rhetoric is dangerous. When is it ever acceptable to label an entire group of people as rapists? He is feeding off the massive turnouts and it is stroking his ego. He attacks like a rabid dog and seriously, if you are listening, you are not hearing any type of plans or solutions to moving our country towards being a “United States” of America.

His slogan is “Make America Great Again”. To that I say….really? What does that even mean anymore?


  1. Pam, In a perverse way, I’m happy to see him leading. I don’t believe in any universe where he will win the Republican nomination. Nor will his megalomania allow him to back away if they don’t. He’s been in talks with Sarah Palin. In my best case scenario, he is NOT nominated for the Republican ticket, he enlists Palin and they make an independent run. In that scenario, they seriously split the Republican vote and the Democrats win even if they run Warren Buffet! That can only be good for the country. In the worst case, he is nominated and I really believe that the huge rational Republican voting block will be forced to vote independent or abstain. Again, it’s a win-win for the Democrats. Buck up. Maybe it’s not all bad. 🙂


    • Pam, I do understand your logic and would hope that if it goes forward in both those scenarios, that the outcome would work as you suggest. But a part of my gut is in upheaval, (LOL) because I sincerely did not think it would go this far or get this momentum. People in America are really beginning to frighten me with their mentality of supporting these nut cases.


  2. Amen!! I thought his whole point was about increasing his ratings. I can’t believe he is still in the race. You are so right about his inability to negotiate with other countries. Electing him would be a disaster, but it is hard to understand our electorate’s mindset anymore. I don’t believe in politics from the pulpit, but this election prayers will certainly be needed for all of us.


  3. Donald Trump, I believe that this man is riding a wave he can no longer control. I believe he is shocked at the success he has had in feeding his constituency (a constituency he didn’t know he had), until the response to his tirade produced the level of interest he know enjoys. He has no clue the similarities to another of German background he resembles and his appeal, primarily to a white demographic, hands the next election to the Democratics and will create another nail in the Republican Party that is already showing signs of not being able to recover from this.

    These are frightening times as those traditionally a part of the power base regardless of education and wealth depending only on their race. Will be forced into a new and emerging caculation that will take into account, for lack of a better analogie, talent much like the first black elected to the Supreme Court, those first black and Hispanic mayors of major cities, the slow but steady feeling that minorities are growing in power and that “Muslim” in the white house. Who could ever believe that America would really move to elect a black man as president and that regardless of what was done to assure his presidency would fail, that he maybe considered one of the best president’s this country has ever produced. It simply has to be daunting to those willing to buy the kind of propaganda Trump is selling.

    People are buying and their going to keep on buying that racist, mean spirited, garbage for more reasons than I can write here. They are frightened, I said this before and when people are frightened they lash out.

    So, as Betty Davis once said, ” fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

    Sorry for any corrections needed in this post. I simply didn’t go back to check, too tired.


    • You stated your thoughts very well and very concise. I agree that he is riding a wave and that even he is shocked by it. Unfortunately he has bought into the whole power trip and he is believing he can lead a country. I say, “Heaven help us if he succeeds.”


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