Counting My Blessings!

Have you ever just stopped to take a moment to reflect on and try to count all the ways you are blessed? Every time I leave one of my sons’, I get nostalgic and begin to reflect on time spent and how to cherish those moments that come too seldom for me.

Image 4
Having breakfast at a local restaurant.

Well I just got home from a 3 week visit to my son and his wife in Atlanta. Right there is a blessing in itself because how many parents can go and stay for that length of time and when it is over, have your son and daughter-in-law say, “We wish you could stay”. Or “When are you going to finally move down here?” We had an amazing visit. It was a lot of routine of going to work for them and exploring the neighborhood and community for me. I jumped on the MARTA or walked the neighborhood, with many afternoons spent in the local coffee shop, hanging out.

Last night at a local restaurant with my son!

I feel so blessed in knowing they have such a wonderful group of friends. These young people invited me over for dinner on several occasions, just because I was visiting, and we sat and talked and laughed and laughed more. I love that they are so very respectful and even call me Mama Marshall. How cool is that? Respect is such a beautiful thing. Several of my daughter-in-law’s friends made the effort to come over to see me and it touched my heart deeply. These young ladies are as beautiful on the inside as they all are on the outside. Again….blessings in knowing your children surround themselves with wonderful, genuinely kind people.

Girl’s night out!

I loved every moment of my visit, and one of the best parts was sitting on the rooftop deck at night, looking at the stars, listening to Bob Marley, WAR, Donnie Hathaway, and other old school greats. Yes, I taught my sons to appreciate old school music and they have embraced it. The peace of looking at the night sky, listening to the music, and just talking about everything under the moon, was priceless. My heart was filled with so much gratitude to God for this time of just relaxing and being together.

One of the many sunsets we watched from the deck.
One of the many sunsets we watched from the deck.

Another blessing was time spent with extended family. On Sunday, my daughter-in-law’s family came over for dinner. I have come to love her family as my own and view them as my extended family. They love my son as their own, and for this they have my eternal love and my appreciation.

So in a few days, the glow from my visit will fade, as things often do, but I will keep on counting my blessings and know that another trip will be eminent in the next few months, for family is forever and there are many more good times to come on my next trip back to Atlanta.


  1. Cousin, continue counting those Blessings. Embrace each and everyone. I’m glad you experienced another fun-filled, laugh out loud time In Atlanta with Dahshi and my Soror. It is nothing like being surrounded by good spirits. Love you😘😊


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