Being A Single Parent

Being a single parent was not a choice nor was it my chosen walk in life. However, it ended up being the path I landed on. It was a scary, bumpy and often times, paralyzing journey. For you see I dreamed of a life with my husband and our sons. I dreamed of raising our sons in a home filled with love and harmony. But…. such was not to be.

Spending time at the lake.
Spending time at the lake.
Hanging out with my boys back in the day.
Hanging out with my boys back in the day.
Dancing at my oldest son’s wedding…it’s a family affair.

When I think back I did not have a clue how to get through the bumps and the barriers and the challenges. This blog is not about the reasons why but rather my journey forward. I do want to stress that even though my marriage ended, my sons were blessed with a father who was active, who loved them deeply and who provided both financial and emotional support.

Many moms today, I know are facing similar journeys. Here are some things that helped me:

**Pray, pray, pray! And when you are done praying, get up off your knees and do. Make your house a thriving home whether there is one parent living there or two. And remind your children that they have the blessings of two homes with parents that love them and are there for them.
**Do not isolate your children from their dad. Remember, you loved that man once enough to marry him. Do not speak ill of him or allow others to say negative things in front of the children. That is their dad and they love him and they love you. No either or choices allowed.
**Enjoy your journey. I know it is tiring and it is often a 24/7 job. While I am not advocating that you be your child’s buddy, remain an authoritative parental figure and just take time to play with your children, read to your children, vacation with your children and just enjoy them. They are only with you for a short time. Before you know it, they will be grown and gone.

Be able to say “I’m glad I did” and not “I wish I had”.


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